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Zehabesha: A preferred Ethiopian Information Resource
Zehabesha is a popular Ethiopian information source that provides up-to-day news and details about Ethiopia and the world. The identify "Zehabesha" suggests "new era" in Amharic, Ethiopia's official language. The information supply was launched in 2008 and it has considering that turn out to be one of the most dependable and reputable sources of stories in Ethiopia. In the following paragraphs, we will take a look at Zehabesha's historical past, its coverage of Ethiopian information, and its effect on the country's media landscape.

Record of Zehabesha

Zehabesha was Started in 2008 by a group of Ethiopian journalists who required to supply accurate and impartial news into the Ethiopian men and women. The news resource started out as a little site but rapidly grew in popularity, as a result of its extensive protection of Ethiopian information and its motivation to journalistic integrity.

Zehabesha's Coverage of Ethiopian Information

Zehabesha covers a variety of subjects linked to Ethiopia, which includes politics, company, sports, society, and amusement. The news supply offers information in each English and Amharic, zehabesha news rendering it available to the wider viewers.

Zehabesha's reporters and editors operate tirelessly to provide precise and timely information to its readers. They deal with essential gatherings, including elections, protests, and governing administration announcements, and supply in-depth Examination and commentary on challenges impacting the state.

Effect on Ethiopia's Media Landscape

Zehabesha has experienced a major influence on Ethiopia's media landscape. It's established a fresh conventional for journalistic integrity and has revealed that it is feasible to deliver unbiased information in a country the place the media has traditionally been tightly controlled.

The information supply has also performed a vital purpose in advertising flexibility of expression in Ethiopia. It has presented a System for dissenting voices and has supplied a voice to anyone who has been marginalized because of the mainstream media.


Zehabesha is a well-liked Ethiopian information resource that provides exact and unbiased information to the Ethiopian folks. The information source has experienced a significant effect on Ethiopia's media landscape and it has set a whole new standard for journalistic integrity. By offering in depth coverage of Ethiopian information and promoting independence of expression, Zehabesha happens to be an essential supply of data for Ethiopians in the home and overseas.
Release of Journalist and Human Rights Champion Eskinder Nega

I was shocked to learn that Eskinder Nega, who had decided not to speak up, was arrested and jailed in the Amhara region.

I know Eskinder very well and he deserves support from all of us who believe in justice and the rule of law. Sadly, Ethiopia has reverted to the TPLF days of arresting critics.

I am delighted to report that Eskinder has been released. This is due to the outrage expressed by thousands across the globe.

Attached is the video of Eskinder Nega's release.

Aklog Birara
Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia and the Battle of Adwa
Pictorial History

by: Anchi Hoh

(The following is a post by Fentahun Tiruneh, Area Specialist for Ethiopia and Eritrea, African and Middle Eastern Division.) 

In Ethioipia today, few figures are as revered as Menelik II (1844-1913), the second-to-last reigning monarch of Ethiopia. Like Menelik I of the 10th century BC, the legendary son of King Solomon from whom he took his regal name, Menelik II traced his descent to the Solomonic line of kings. But it is his role in the history of Ethiopia for which Menelik II is most revered to this day, for it was he who defeated a European nation – Italy – on the field of battle, to defend Ethiopian independence.

Menelik II was crowned King of Kings and Emperor of Ethiopia on November 3, 1889, with the additional royal sobriquet of “the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah.” The coronation, which took place in the great Entotto Mariam Church in Addis Ababa, was captured for posterity by the Italian artist Pio Joris (1843-1921) and subsequently reproduced in chromolithograph images, today exceedingly rare. In the painting below, the artist depicted the entire royal entourage in gorgeous color and detail. On the left and right, we see the two leaders of the Ethiopian Orthodox faith: the Archbishop of Alexandria and the Bishop of Ethiopia; the two lions of Judah, traditional symbol of the Solomonic line of kingship; and the “negarit” drums* and the drummers. On the left we see the lesser king and princes congratulating the Emperor, and flanking the Emperor are the various ministers of his cabinet.  Among those present during the coronation in the Entotto Mariam Church are Ras Dargie, uncle of Menelik; Dejazmach Dereso, General of the king;  Tekle Haimanot, King of Gojjam; Ras Mikael, governor of eastern and parts of southern Wollo; and Ras Mengesha-Atikim, governor of Damot, Agawmeder, Qwarra and adjacent areas.

Coronation of King of Kings Menelik II. Chromolithograph of the painting by Italian artist Pio Joris in 1890 (Library of Congress African and Middle Eastern Division, Ethiopian Collection).

Illustration published in “L’Illustrazione Italiana,” after a painting by the artist E. Zemenes, 1889 (Library of Congress African and Middle Eastern Division, Ethiopian Collection).

The illustration seen here commemorates the Wuchale Peace Treaty May 1889, by which the King sought to come to an agreement with Italy and avert warfare.  In the upper left-hand corner we see a Star of Solomon with a cross in the middle; two important symbols signaling the marriage between the Old and New Testament in Ethiopian culture. The peace talks failed, however, and ultimately led to the famous Battle of Adwa.

The Battle of Adwa as painted by Shibru Nuru, 1975 (Library of Congress African and Middle Eastern Division, Ethiopian Collection).

The year 1896 was a crucial year for Europe as a whole, and for Italy in particular. In that year, Italy was defeated by Ethiopia at the Battle of Adwa, signaling the end of the “might is right” era assumed by the European powers of the day. The defeat of the Italians was a major blow to the industrial world because it heralded the beginning of resistance against the industrial powers and the struggle for independence by the colonized African nations. In the painting shown here, St. George appears at the very apex, a reference to the proverbial Ethiopian belief that the Italians were defeated thanks to divine intervention. The drums used to herald the coronation of the King of Kings here become the battle drum that reverberates through the hills of Adwa, shaking the morale of the enemy.

Menelik II by Charles Leandre (1864-1922) (Library of Congress African and Middle Eastern Division, Ethiopian Collection).

Not surprisingly, some European artists rushed to the defense of colonialism. French artist Charles Leandre,) painted the caricature of Menelik that we see above. At the top right the artist wrote, “The benevolent Negus takes advantage of the victory, but he never abuses it.” The underlying message, of course, is that the “beastly” and “barbarian” king is going to shame Europe (i.e., Italy), here represented by the helpless, naked woman.

In the aftermath of the war, Pope Leo XIII and King Menelik exchanged letters to effect the release of Italian Prisoners of War, and the Vatican turned to the Church of Alexandria for help with mediation. Trade cards of the day reflect current event in brightly colored images. Here we see Monsignor Macaire of the  vicar of the Egyptian Coptic Church approaching Emperor Menelik on behalf of the Pope of Rome; a prudent example of  religious diplomacy since the King of Kings and Monsignor Macaire both belonged to the Orthodox faith.

Monsignor Macaire of the vicar of the Egyptian Coptic Church approaching Emperor Menelik on behalf of the Pope of Rome. 1896 (Library of Congress African and Middle Eastern Division, Ethiopian collection of Trade Cards).

Letter from the Holy Father Leon XIII to Menelik and his reply to his Holiness. (Library of Congress African and Middle Eastern Division, Ethiopian Collection of Trade Cards.)

Negotiations between the two dignitaries bore results. On November 20, 1896, the Emperor released 200 Italian POWs in honor of the Queen of Italy’s birthday, and successive releases were effected in February and June of 1897, when the last of the Italian POWs left the country.


Illustration of the jubilant prisoners of war when released. . (Library of Congress African and Middle Eastern Division, Ethiopian Collection)

The Battle of Adwa and Its Legacy


Every year in March, Ethiopians celebrate their victory at the Battle of Adwa. The hero of that battle, Menelik II, remains a venerated figure in Ethiopian society, and indeed worldwide.

Monument of Menelik II riding into battle. Addis Ababa; Erected, 1930. (Library of Congress African and Middle Eastern Division, Ethiopian Photograph Collection)

In marked contrast to the caricature shown above, Emperor Menelik II was often depicted as a noble and dignified figure in the art of his own time, as we see in this Trade Card here:

Imagination of a Spanish artist of the triumphant emperor, Menelik II (1896). (Library of Congress African and Middle Eastern Division, Ethiopian Collection of Trade Cards)

The King’s call for arms against Italy resonates powerfully to this day:

Now an enemy that intends to destroy our homeland and change our religion has come crossing our God-given frontiers. Now, with the help of God I will not allow him to have my country. You, my countrymen, I have never knowingly hurt you, nor have you hurt me. Help me, those of you with zeal and will power; those who do not have the zeal, for the sake of your wives and your religion, help me with your prayers.  (Gebre Selassie, Tarika zaman Zadagmawi Menilek Negusa Nagast ZeItyopya, 1966, p. 225.)

Menelik’s wife, the Princess Taitu, also commands respect in popular memory, and is often depicted as falling to her knees in prostration when the battle began and praying for victory. It was she who warned the Emperor about suspicious activities on the part of the Italian emissaries, scenting out political ploys under the cover of peace negotiations. Most important of all, she played a very strategic role by controlling the sources of water from the enemy.

Sehafe Te’ezaz Gebre Selassie, an eyewitness to the Battle of Adwa, concludes in his memoirs that no matter how organized an army may be, and no matter how sophisticated its arsenal of weapons, victory is only possible through God-given valor and skill. And in the Battle of Adwa, Menelik II proved the moral imperative in the struggle of Ethiopia against colonialism.

For more information resources about this topic at the Library of Congress, contact the African and Middle Eastern Reading Room (AMED) through the AMED’s Ask-a-Librarian inquiry form.


*A “negarit” drum is a special drum beaten to herald the approach of a monarch or the announcement of a decree.
ጦርነት ማዳፈን ሠላም ማስፈን እንዴት ይሆናል ?  

ኢትዮጵያ ከ1983 ዓ.ም. ጀምሮ ግንቦት 20 ይዞት የመጣዉ የማይቋጭ መከራ  ለኢህአዴግ የሥልጣን መከዳ በመሆን በህዝብ እና በአገር ላይ ለደረሰዉ ፖለቲካ አመጣሽ የሰለሳ ዓመታት  ጥፋት ተጠያቂ እንዳይሆንም መከላከያ ሆኖታል ፡፡

ላለፉት ሶስት አሰርተ ዓመታት ከፍተኛ የአገር ክህደት ፣ የዜጎች በማንታቸዉ እና ኢትዮጵያዊ በመሆናቸዉ ፣ በዕምነት እና አመለካከት የአገር ጉዳይ የህልዉና ጉዳይ መሆኑን በመረዳታቸዉ  ፍጂት፣ ዕልቂት ፣ ዕንግልት፣ ስደት ፣ መፈናቀል ፣ ዉርደት እና ባርነት አስተናግደዋል ፡፡

ኢትዮጵያም ሆነ ኢትዮጵያዉያን ስለ አገር አንድነት እና ሉዓላዊነት ፤ ስለህዝቦች አንድነት እና ደህንነት ህዝባዊ እና ብሄራዊ  ቅንነት   እና ቁርጠኝነት ያለዉ  የፖለቲካ ተቋም መሪ እና ዘዋሪ ባለማግኘት እና ባለመለየት መሪ አልባ በመሆን አሁን ከደረስነበት ተደርሷል፡፡

ኢህአዴግ ከሽግግር ዘመን ጅምር አስካዘሬ መደመር ከህዝብ እና ከብሄራዊ ፍላጎት እና ጥቀም በተቃራኒ በመሄድ የቁራ ፖለቲካ ሲያራምድ ከራሱ ዉጭ የሚስተጋባዉን  መከራ እና ዋይታ  እንደ ደስታ እና ርካታ ሲወስደዉ ማየት ዛሬ ላይ አዲስ ሊሆን ባልተገባ ነበር ፡፡

የእኛ አገር ፖለቲከኞች  ስለ ህዝብ እና አገር እየተናገሩ  ለዘመናት ሲምሉ ፤ሲገዘቱ  ግን የህዝብ መከራ ሰቆቃ ከማይሰማበት የቁራ ዛፍ ተጠልለዉ ኢትዮጵያዊነት እና ብሄራዊ አንድነት ይመጣል ብለዉ ተስፋ ሲያደርጉ ማየት በእጂጉ የሚያሳዝነዉ እና ከኢትዮጵያ ግልፅ ጠላቶች ይልቅ ጠላቶች ወይም ተባባሪዎች ሆነዋል ፡፡

በኢህአዴግ ህገ መንግስት እና በኢህአዴግ  የጥላቻ እና ከፋፋይ የፖለቲካ  መስመር   በኢትዮጵያ ሰማይ ስር የሆኑት እና የተደረጉትን በአገር እና በህዝብ ላይ የተፈፀሙ ደባዎች  አለማስታወስ  እና ከዚህ አለመመለስ እየታየ በጥፋት ላይ ጥፋት በሚደራረብባት አገር መናጆ የሆኑ ፖለቲካ ድርጂቶች ኢትዮጵያን ከሚገዘግዟት በላይ ተጠያቂዎች ናቸዉ ፡፡

ለዓመታት በህገ  ኢህአዴግ  ሽፋን በክልል አደረጃጀት እና በህዝብ መለያየት ለደረሱ ሠባዊ እና ቁሳዊ ጥፋቶች ብሄራዊ ጥፋት እና ክህደት መሆኑን እያወቁ  በዝምታም ሆነ በይሁንታ ያለፉ ህዝብን እንወክላለን የሚሉ ፖለቲከኞች ከህዝብ እና ከአገር ይልቅ ተመሳስሎ መኖርን መምረጣቸዉ ከህዝብ መኃል ሆነዉ የቁራ ጩኸት ቢያሰሙ ከቁራ ዛፍ ስር መሸጎጣቸዉ ከታሪክ እና ከተዉልድ ተጠያቂነት አያድናቸዉም ፡፡

ሁላችንም እንደምናዉቀዉ ህዝብ በሁሉም ነገር ከፊት ሆኖ መሪ ነን የሚሉት ከኋላ ሆነዉ  ለአገር እና ለነፃነት የተከፈሉ ዋጋዎች እጂግ ብዙ ናቸዉ ፡፡ ለወትሮዉ ዞትር በአገር እና በህዝብ ጉዳይ ኢትዮጵያዉያን መሪዎች ከህዝብ እና ከአገር በፊት ራሳቸዉን  በኢትዮጵያዊነት ልክ ከጠላት ፊት ቆመዋል ፡፡ ለዚህም የዓደዋዉን ፣ የካራ ማራዉን ጦርነት እና የጦር ዉሎ ማስታወስ በቂ ነዉ ፡፡ ሚኒሊክ በዓደዋ ፤ መንግስቱ በካራ ማራ…… በጦርነት  ግንባር ተገኝተዋል ፡፡ ወደ እኛ ዘመን ስንመጣ በኢትዮጵ ፤ኤርትራ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ እናት አገር ወይም ሞት ብሎ ያለ መሪ ወደ ጦር አዉድ ተምሞ  በተከፈለዉ የህይወት ፣ደም ፣ አካል …ዋጋ ዉጤቱ ምን እንደሆነ  የቅርብ ዘመናት መሪር ትዝታ ነዉ ፡፡

ይህ አልበቃ ብሎ  ትህነግ /ኢህአዴግ ጥቅምት 24/2013 ዓ.ም.  ከታዘልኩ አልወርድም በሚል አባዜ ወደ ነፃ አዉጭነት ራሱን መልሶ የፈረደባቸዉ ኢትዮጵያ እና ኢትዮጵያዊነት ፤ዓማራነት ተዘመተባቸዉ ፡፡ ይህም በመከላከያዉ ለይቶ ማጥቃት ፣ ቀጥሎ በጎንደር ፣በወሎ ፣በሸዋ……ወረራራ በማድረግ ህዝቡን በማወረድ ፣በማሳደድ እና  በማስወገድ የግዛት ማስፋፋት እና  አገረ ትግራይ መገንባት በሚል ዕብሪት በታሪክ የማይታወቅ ዘግናኝ ዕልቂት ፣ ሞት ፣ ምዝበራ እና የሠባዊ መብት ወንጀል በኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ በሆነዉ ዓማራ እና አፋር ላይ ተፈፅሟል ፡፡

በዚህ ራስን የመከለካከል እና ነፃ  የማዉጣት የህልዉና ተጋድሎ  ሁሉም ኢትዮጵያዊያዉያን ይነስም ይብዛ ፤ በተለይም ዓማራ እና አፋር የመከራዉ እና የጦርነቱ ዒላማ እና  ሞት የተፈረደበት ህዝብ  ማቄን ጨርቄን ሳይል አስካፍንጫዉ የታጠቀ ጠላት ጋር በፉፁም ብሄራዊ እና ህዝባዊ ወኔ በመተናነቅ  ተደጋጋሚ እና ዕልህ አስጨራሽ  ትግል ኢትዮጵያ ፣ኢትዮጵያዉያን እና የኢትዮጵያ የቁርጥ ቀን ልጆች አገር እና ህዝብ ከክህደት አዋላጆች እና አራማጆች ተከላክለዋል ፡፡

ኢትዮጵያን ያዳነ የኢትዮጵያ ጠላቶችም አድኗል ፡፡ በመዳናቸዉም እንደገና ኢትዮጵያዉያን እና ኢትዮጵያን ለማቁሰል  ሲንደረደሩ ማየት “ባሪያን ነፃ ያወጣ ጌታዉን ነፃ ያወጣል ” እንዲሉ የዓማራ ህዝብ እና የአብራኩ ክፋዮች  የክልሉ መደበኛ የፀጥታ ኃይል ፤ ፋኖ  እና ሁሉም በሚባል“ የትናንት  እና ከድል ማግስት ጠላት የሆኑትንም ” ለዛሬ ማድረሱ ጀግና የባሪያን ጌታ ብቻ ሳይሆን ጠላትንም ታድጓል፡፡

ዛሬ ጦርነት አዳፍኖ ሠላም ሠላም ሲባል ለሠላም ፤ ለአገር አንድነት እና ለህዝብ ሉዓላዊነት የተከፈለዉን ዋጋ ፤ ጀግኖችን እና የጠፋዉን ጥፋት በማደባበስ ሳይሆን በግልፅ በመንቀስ እና በማወደስ  ለሁሉም ዕዉቅና እና ተጠያቂነትን ማስፈን ግድ ይሆናል ፡፡

ከጦርነት መሸሽ ጦርነት አያስቀርም ፡፡ ይህ ለአገር እና ህዝብ ዘላቂ መፍትሄ ከሚኖረዉ ይልቅ አጠያያቂ ጉዳይ ይዞ ይቀጥላል ለምን ካሉ የተጎዳ ባልተካሰበት ፤ የጎዳ ባልተጠየቀበት ይድረስ ይድረስ ከወንጀል እና ከታሪክ ተጠያቂነት አያድንም ፡፡

የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ በተለይም የዓማራ ህዝብ ለአለፉት ሶስት አሰርተ ዓመታት አገር አልባ እና ባይተዋር በአገሩ ሲሆን እና ለደረሰበት ዕልቂት ቀድሞ የነበረዉን ብሄራዊ እና ህዝባዊ የአገር መከላከያ በማፍረስ ኢህአዴግ አርሶ አደሩ በነፍስ ወከፍ  ከጉርሱ እና ልብሱ ቀንሶ የገዛዉን መሳሪያ ቀምቶ ባዶ እጁን ቁም ቅምጥ ሲነሳ መኖሩ ተርስቶ ዳግም በዘመናዊ ጦር መሳሪያ ለሠላሳ ዓመት በተደረገ ኢትዮጵያን ለማፍረስ እና ዓማራን ለማሳነስ ዳግም ቀጥታ ወረራ እና ምዝበራ ማድረግ እና ይህን ተከትሎ በተደረገ የህዝብ የመከላከል ተፈጥሯዊ መብት የዓማራ ህዝብ ራሱን እና አገሩን የመከላከል ሠባዊ እና ኢትዮጵያዊ መበቱን ከማንም የሚጠብቅ መሆን የለበትም ፡፡

በአንድነት ክንድ እና በፅናት ህልዉናዉን ለማስቀጠል ባይዋደቅ ኖሮ ዛሬ አገርም ነጻነትም ጠፍቶ ጭራሽ ተንበርካኪ በሆን ነበር ፡፡

የዓማራ ህዝብ የኢትዮጵያን አንድነት እና ሉዓላዊነት ላይ ካለዉ እና ከሚኖረዉ ቁርጠኛ አቋም አኩያ የተረፈችዉን ኢትዮጵለማስቀጠልም ሆነ ኢትዮጵያዊነትን ለማረጋገጥ የኢትዮጵያ  ህዝብ በተለይም ዓማራ ከሞት ፣ ባርነት እና ስደት ቀንበር ለመላቀቅ ብቸኛዉ መንገድ ከምንጊዜዉም በላይ ለራሱ እና ለአገሩ ዘብ መቆም አለበት ፡፡ ምንጊዜም ለራስ እና ለአገር ዘብ መቆም የነፃነት ዋጋ ነዉ ፡፡

ኢትዮጵያን እና ኢትዮጵያዉያን መዳኛቸዉ ራሳቸዉ እና ረሳቸዉ ብቻ ናቸዉ ፡፡ የኢትዮጵያዉያን ችግራችን ጠላት እንደማይተኛ ሳናዉቅ ፤ የእኛ መዘናጋት እና ህብረት ማጣት ከምንም በላይ ሊያሳስበን ይገባል፡፡

ሠላም ሆነ ጦርነት ሠወች በሚሉት የሚኖር ሳይሆን  ፍትህ እና ዕኩልነት በጠፋበት ፤ የግል እና የቡድን ጥቅም እና ፍላጎት በበዛበት ፤ ሠርቶ መኖር በሠዎች በጎ ፈቃድ በሚሆንበት ፤ በሀይወት የመኖር እና ዛሬ ዓለም የሰዉ ልጆች መንደር በሚባልበት በአገር የዜግነት ክብር እና መብት መጥፋት፤ ለአገራቸዉ እና ለራሳቸዉ ህዝብ ህልዉና ልዕልና ዋጋ የከፈሉበት ሊያሸልም ሲገባ እስር እና ዕንግልት………. ፤ ለህዝብ እና ለአገር ቅድሚያ እና ክብር አለመስጠት ከዚያ ላይ ለግል እና ቡድን ጥቅም መሯሯጥ በሚታይባት ምድር ስለ ሠላም ዋጋ ማነብነብ  ከልብ ይሆናል ብሎ ማሰብ የጦርነት ምንነት ማሳነስ ነዉ ፡፡ ርኃብ በርኃብ ፤ ስደት በስደት፣ ሞትበሞት….. “ደም በደም ለማንጻት ” እንደመሞከር ነዉ ፡፡

የጥላቻ መንፈስ አርግዞ ኢትዮጵያን እና ኢትዮጵያዊነትን በማሳነስ እና በማኮሰስ የሚደረገዉ ጥላቻ ወለድ ዘመቻ መነሻ እና መዳረሻ የሆነዉ ኅገ-ኢህአዴግ ባለበት ስለ ጦርነት እና ሠላም የሚወራዉ በቁራ ፖለቲካ ጥላ ስር ብቻ ነዉ ፡፡ ይህም “ቁራ ከራሱ ድምፅ ዉጭ የሚጥመዉ የለም ”እንዲባል ሠላምም ፤ጦርነትም የሚሉት ከመንደራቸዉ ዉጭ መንደር የማይታቸዉ ቀንድ አዉጦች ብቻ ናቸዉ ፡፡

በአገራችን በአሁኑ ጊዜ ሲደማመር የደረሰዉ ፈርጀ ብዙ የሠላም እና የመኖር ችግር በተለምዶ ጦርነት ከሚባለዉ በላይ ጦርነት መሆኑን በመረዳት ዕዉነት እና ርትዕ እንዲኖር ከመስራት ዉጭ አማራጭ ጦርነት ማዳፈን ሠላም ማስፈን አይሆንም ፡፡ጦርነትን ማዳፈንም  ሆነ መሸሽ ጦርነትን አያስቀርም ፤ ሠላምም አያስገኝም ፡፡

“የአገር እና ህዝብ ብቸኛ መዳኛ ዕዉነተኛ የቁርጥ ቀን ልጆች የህብረት ክንድ ብቻ ነዉ ፡፡”

አንድነት ኃይል ነዉ !


Allen Amber!
ከጉራጌ ማህበረሰብ በቤተመንግስት በነበረው ውይይት ከተናግሩት
"ደሜ የጉራጌ ነው፣ በፖለቲካ አስተሳሰብ ደግሞ የዜግነት ፖለቲካ ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ላሉት ውጥንቅጦች መቋጫ ነው ብዬ አምናለሁ። ለዚህም እየሰራሁ ነው። ጉራጌን በተመለከተ ሃሳቤን ለመግለፅ ያህል ከሆነ ሁሌም እንደምለው ውሳኔውን ለህዝቡ እንተውለት ነው። እኔ አውቅልሃለው አልለውም። ህዝቡ ያለው ደግሞ ታች ነው።"

-ጉራጌ የሚታወቀው በባህል፣ በኢኮኖሚ  ምሳሌነት በመሆን እና ከሌሎች ብሔረሰቦች አብሮ በመኖር መተሳሰብንና አብሮነትን የሚያስተምር ማህበረሰብ ነው እንጂ  በብሔር ፖለቲካ (identity politics) ሲሳትፍ አይቼ አላወቅም።

-ጉራጌ በዘር ተደራጀቶ በኢትዮጰያ ፖለቲካ ሲሳትፍ በታሪክም የለም፤ አይቼም አላውቅም።  ማህበረሰቡ በዘር መደራጅት ጥቅም እንደሌለው ጠንቅቆ ስለሚያውቅ የብሔር ፖለቲካ አጥብቆ እንደሚጠላ አውቃለሁ። አሁን ግን ባህልና ፖለቲካ የተቀላቀል ይመስላል።

-ጉራጌ በዘር መደራጅት የመጀመሪያው የሚጎዳው የጉራጌ ማህብረሰብ ነው፤ ቀጠሎም ለዘመናት ለፍቶ ያቃናው ሀገሩ (ኢትዮጵያ) ይጎዳል። በብሔር ተደራጀቶ ነጻ የወጣ ህዝብ የለም። የጉራጌ ማህበረሰብ ሰነልቦናው በብሔር ለመደራጅት የሚምች አይደልም።  የብሔር ፖለቲካ ጉዳቱ እየዋል/አያደረ ዋጋ ስልሚያስከፍል ጉራጌ በዘር መደራጅት በመላው ኢትዮጰያ ሰርቶ የሚኖረው 60% የሚሆነው የጉራጌ ህዝብ ዋጋ አለመስጠት ጭምር ነው።

-ጉራጌ ባለበት ቦታ ሁሉ ዴሞከራሲያዊና ሰብአዊ መብቱ ተከብሮለት በሰላም እንዲኖር የመጀመሪያው ኢትዮጵያ ሰላም መሆን አለባት።   ስለዚህ የጉራጌ ማህበረሰብ የሚያዋጣው መላው ኢትዮጰያ ሰላም እንዲሆን አብክሮ መስራት ይጠበቅበታል።

በታሪክ አባቶቻችን ምንም በሌለበት ለሀገር ግንባታ የከፈሉት ዋጋ ብዙ ነው፤ በዚህ ጊዜ ሀገራችን የብሔር ፖለቲካ ጫፍ በነካበት ወቅት አብሮ ማጫጫህ ሳይሆን የጉራጌ ህዝብ አሁናዊ ኢትዮጰያ ችግር የሚፈታብት ዘዴ በመፍጠር የአባቶቻቸን አደራ መውጣት ይኖርብናል።

-ስለዚህ የጉራጌ ማህበረስብ የሚያዋጣው መላው ኢትዮጰያ ሰላም እንዲሆን ጠንክሮ መስራት ይጠበቅበታል። ሀገሪቱ በዘር ተከፋፈሎ የሚያልቅ ከሆነ የመጀመሪያ ተጎጂ የሚሆነው የጉራጌ ማህበረስብ ነው።

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Washington Update: Blinken accuses war crimes committed in Ethiopia conflict

Washington Update: Blinken accuses war crimes committed in Ethiopia conflict

Ethiopia: Washington Update

Mesfin Mekonen

March 22, 2023


The U.S. government has made engagement with Ethiopia a high priority as it tries to balance commitments to punishing human rights abuses with the provision of desperately needed humanitarian assistance. The U.S. has also gone on record as noting that it had failed to call out human rights abuses when the TPLF was in power.

Getting to justice, bringing people together, that's the way to make sure that peace lasts and that people can move on with their lives and the country can really move forward," Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told reporters in Addis Ababa.

Blinken conceded that the United States failed in calling out atrocities when Ethiopia was led by Tigrayan-dominated government, the Washington Post reported. “We and others were insufficiently vocal about these abuses in the past,” Blinken said.

Following the visit, Blinken issued a statement on war crimes, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing in Ethiopia. He also announced a large-scale humanitarian relief package.

“After careful review of the law and the facts, I have determined that members of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF), Eritrean Defense Forces (EDF), Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces, and Amhara forces committed war crimes during the conflict in northern Ethiopia,” Blinken said in a formal statement. He called for formally recognizing atrocities committed by all parties and for those “most responsible” to be held accountable. Blinken urged “all parties to follow through on their commitments to one another and implement a credible, inclusive, and comprehensive transitional justice process.”

Reuter news report that Human rights violations by all sides, including extra-judicial killings, rapes, looting and displacing people by force, have been documented by U.N. bodies, Ethiopia's state-appointed human rights commission, independent aid groups and media including Reuters.

Ethiopia government said that the U.S. determination was "selective" since it exonerated Tigrayan forces from accusations of rape and sexual violence.

State Department on Ethiopia and the U.S. relations, statement: Through the World Food Program and the Joint Emergency Operation consortium of implementing non-governmental organizations, U.S. assistance will reach more than 13 million extremely food-insecure Ethiopians.

Ethiopia is one of the target countries for Feed the Future (FTF), the U.S. government’s flagship global hunger and food security initiative.  FTF works hand-in-hand with partner countries to develop their food systems to be resilient, inclusive, and sustainable, and break the vicious cycle of poverty, hunger, and malnutrition.


At recent State Department presss conference, Assistant Secretary for Africans Affiars Molly Phee said that "To put that relationship in a forward trajectory, we will continue to need steps by Ethiopia to help the cycle of ethnic political violence that has set the countryback for many decades, including most acutely in thisrecent conflict.

Peace and stability depend on abandoning the ideology of ethnic division and launching a project to revise the Ethiopian constitution. The present constitution was created to exacerbate ethnic divisions. It will lead to the destruction of Ethiopia.

The State Department announced more than $331 million in new humanitarian assistance for Ethiopia that will be delivered between in the next six months. The funds will be used to provide food, shelter, safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, healthcare efforts, education, and other key services.

Ethiopians Must Reject Tribal Tyranny and “De-Construction”

Ethiopians Must Reject Tribal Tyranny and “De-Construction”
 Aklog Birara (Dr)

“The dreamers are the saviors of the world. As the visible world is sustained by the invisible, so men, through all their trials and sins and sordid vocations, are nourished by the beautiful visions of their solitary dreamers. Humanity cannot forget its dreamers; it cannot let their ideals fade and die; it lives in them; it knows them as the realities which it shall one day see and know.”

               James Allen, As A Man Thinketh

“We are all Ethiopians when we are alive and buried in Ethiopia when we pass.”

                                Abiy Ahmed Ali


Part I of IV

I am writing this Op-Ed series to the attention of the international community, especially, the government and people of the United States that I admire, the Ethiopian Diaspora, Ethiopian websites, and journalists to demand immediate halt regarding the horrific slaughters, ethnic cleansing and genocide of Amhara.

Deliberate, planned and systematically executed defamation, degradation, disempowerment, killing, ethnic cleansing, genocide and impoverishment of Amhara spans more than 40 years. Today, this is executed by the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), Oromo Liberation Front--Shane (OLF), Oromo regional administration and the Addis Ababa city administration under the watch of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali.

I also call on Ethiopian young people who care deeply about their future to rise-up and defend human rights, human dignity, the rule of law and demand accountability.

The silence of the international community, including the UN, the African Union, the European Union, the US Congress, human rights organizations, and the like is deafening.

I find it tragic that Ethiopian political, social, spiritual elites have literally stopped listening to one another and caring for one another. It is that bad. It is also clear to me that Ethiopian sovereignty is at risk. It is foreign powers that dictate policy.

It saddens me that Ethiopians are incapable of reaching common ground by acknowledging and resolving their own (our own) problems. This reality degrades Ethiopia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. It emboldens tribal supremacy and tyranny under the guise of prosperity.

Ethiopians pay greater attention to the outside world, especially to American and European officials. On March 20, 2023, US Secretary of State who had paid an official visit to Ethiopia and met with Prime Minister Abiy just days ago issued the following statement under the title “War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Ethnic Cleansing in Ethiopia.”

I agree with the broad press statement. “Ethiopia is now emerging from two years of a brutal conflict in the north, during which all parties committed atrocities. With the November 2, 2022, cessation of hostilities agreement (COHA) in place, the fighting has stopped, human rights abuses in northern Ethiopia are significantly down, Eritrean forces are leaving, and the Ethiopian government is taking the first step towards transitional justice.  However, the suffering that was wrought upon civilians in northern Ethiopia must be acknowledged.”

I have argued several times in my earlier commentaries that there must be accountability for war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing. You cannot heal without holding all perpetrators of crimes of war, crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and the like accountable. You cannot achieve transitional justice unless you are inclusive, even handed, fair, and just.

Secretary Blinken announced to the entire world America’s conclusions and positions targeting three groups: a) war crimes by all combatants including TPLF b) crimes against humanity by Ethiopian and Eritrean Defense Forces as well as by Amhara forces and c) crimes against humanity by Amhara forces.

“After careful review of the law and the facts, I have determined that members of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF), Eritrean Defense Forces (EDF), Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces, and Amhara forces committed war crimes during the conflict in northern Ethiopia.”

The US Department of State made a significant, material, and deliberate differentiation among combatants for the purpose of accountability. ENDF, EDF and Amhara are identified in both war crimes and crimes against humanity and Amhara forces in all three.

“Members of the Ethiopians Defense Forces (ENDF), Eritrean Defense Forces (EDF), and Amhara forces (Fano, special forces and militia) also committed crimes against humanity, including murder, rape and other forms of sexual violence, and persecution.” This is not all.

“Members of the Amhara forces also committed the crime against humanity of deportation or forcible transfer and committed ethnic cleansing in western Tigray.”

The singling out of Amhara

Amhara are corned from within by the TPLF, Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) Oromo Liberation Front (OLF-Shane), Oromo regional administration, Addis Ababa city Administration and behind them the Ethiopian state and government. Amhara—victims of recurrent targeted killings—are, at the same time accused of crimes of war and crimes against humanity from without. This is a multipronged assault of Amhara.  

Absolving TPLF from crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing, rapes, and ethnic cleansing of Amhara; and instead placing criminality on Amhara emboldens TPLF even further. It also sends a chilling signal to OLA and the Oromo Prosperity Party that killing, ethnic cleansing, displacing and impoverishing Amhara are acceptable norms and practices under international human rights laws and conventions. This is tragic.

I should like to ask, “On what basis did Secretary Blinken arrive at his sweeping conclusion that targets Amhara, the victims, and exposes Amhara for more danger, including loss of its ancestral lands?” This is simply outrageous and unfair.

The US Department of State knows fully that it is the TPLF and not Amhara forces, ENDF, or EDF that initiated the war, invaded the Afar and Amhara regions, launched rocket attacks against Eritrea and major cities in the Amhara region, slaughtered innocent civilians including more than 1,500 Amhara civilians in Mai Kadra, occupied Amhara land, raped thousands of Afar and Amhara girls, killed animals, destroyed most of the economic and social infrastructure in the Afar and Amhara regions, displaced and impoverished hundreds millions of Afar and Amhara.

It is the TPLF that hijacked an estimated 400 UN food supply vehicles, diverted foods from the needy and let Tigreans starve. When Tigreans fled in search of safety and foods, it is Amhara families who shared the little they had. All these and more are left out deliberately to appease and please a former trusted US ally, TPLF, that has friends in prominent positions within the US administration.

The bottom line is that the press statement frees or absolves TPLF from crimes against humanity and crimes of genocide. Further, the implication is that it is Amhara and not TPLF that committed horrific atrocities long before TPLF took power, after it ruled Ethiopia with an iron fist for 30 years and after it initiated the catastrophic war that must be held accountable for crimes against humanity and for ethnic cleansing. This reversal of justice by the US Department of State undermines human rights laws and degrades the meaning of justice. It certainly diminishes American government status as an impartial and honest broker.

The TPLF had annexed Wolkait, Tegede, Telemt and Raya using force. In the process, it killed thousands of Amhara, forced thousands more to flee, degraded Amhara identity in occupied territories. TPL used its political power and designated occupied lands as Western Tigray. Secretary Blinken bought into this false TPLF narrative and reached at the wrong conclusion. The slaughter of Amhara is well documented by Gondar University that dug several mass graves and using forensics.

While I agree with the conclusion of war crimes and the call for accountability of all involved, the assertion that Amhara forces, and not TPLF are accountability for crimes against humanity is outrageous, patently biased, unfair, and unjust. It is therefore unacceptable.

Fair minded Ethiopians and the international community must reject this pro-TPLF and anti-Amhara policy position. For this reason, I urge the government of the United States to retract its unwarranted verdict. Only then would the following statements “Formally recognizing the atrocities committed by all parties is an essential step to achieving a sustainable peace: and “Those most responsible for atrocities, including those in positions of command, must be held accountable” would have ownership, authenticity, and credibility.

Accountability must be impartial, fair, and inclusive.

I also find it disheartening why the United States is not forthcoming regarding accountability of Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), Oromo Liberation Front-Shane led for crimes against humanity in Oromia and Northern Shoa that is still on going.

Ethiopia deserves transitional justice that addresses all victims. Dismissing the plight of Amhara is not in the long-term national security interest of the USA, the Horn, or the rest of Africa.

America’s Press statement “War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Ethnic Cleansing in Ethiopia” is a clarion call that one cannot dismiss lightly. Because human rights violations are widespread, deep and continue unabetted. Continued slaughter of Amhara endangers Ethiopia.

Ethiopia’s disturbing situation  

Ethiopia is in deep, deep, deep trouble. It is not a lucky country. It moves from one crisis to another, from one set of ethnicity-based state capture to another, from one form of tyrannical rule to another, from one civil conflict to another, from one form of state induced corruption to another etc. if you think the country’s Prosperity Party is transforming Ethiopian society for the better; think again. Ethiopia’s ethnic-federal system and governance have failed to serve the hopes and aspirations of the Ethiopian people.

For this reason, Ethiopian society needs to arrive at common ground. It desperately needs an overarching unity of purpose. It desperately needs a new generation of dreamers, idealists and visionaries who can extricate Ethiopian society, especially succeeding generations from toxic tribalism, hate, lies, deaths, greed, selfishness, exclusionary tendencies, fear of the other person, abject poverty, and corruption.

I admit, my generation has failed Ethiopia. Is the current generation any better? Will the next generation be much better?  I do not know the answer. However, I know Ethiopia’s ethnicity-based educational and development models deepen the country’s problems.

I believe focusing on the future by positive upbringing, education, training, mentoring/coaching, similar interventions at an early age as well as by modeling behaviors in guiding, managing, and administering society that young Ethiopians witness as manifested in their leaders at all levels of government will go a long way in restoring and sustaining our common humanity. Perpetuating the same failed propaganda does not do it. The right thing to do is to stop the carnage now.

Managing Ethiopia’s complex, polarized, morally and spiritually broken and corrupted society is a team sport. I am always guided by the wise African social capital formation model of “It takes a village to raise a child.” If you pull the society apart based on ethnic differentiation, the village cannot pull its social capital assets together. The Oromo Prosperity Party is tearing the fabric of Ethiopia apart.

By the same token and at a societal level, it takes cooperation, commitment for one another’s welfare and wellbeing, a sense of shared purpose and destiny, commitment to accountability for results, outcomes, failures, and achievements, and most of all, dedication to the principle of strengthening mutual trust –the foundation of teamwork-in transforming an entire society for the better is critical at this trying time. I believe dreamers are guided by these lofty goals.

You cannot pursue these goals by slaughtering Amhara, by injecting a culture of fear, hate, recuring lies and empty promises, opaque agendas, punishing the weak, displacing and ethnically cleansing those you do not like, jailing those who challenge the broken system or proselytizing to young people that the mystical Nirvana will occur soon under another form of tribal supremacy.

Flawed education and flawed outcomes

It is hard for me to imagine that, in the first quarter of the 21st century, ethno-nationalists, ethnic- supremacists, extremists and tribalists (Amhara, Oromo and Tigrean especially), many with doctorate degrees from Western institutions continue to pursue ideals and ideologies that degrade our common humanity, history. They do these by deconstructing or degrading the flagships of Ethiopian identity (Adwa, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC), by making Addis Ababa “irrelevant” and by degrading Ethiopianism. If “we are all Ethiopians when we are alive” as declared by Abiy Ahmed, why are Amhara singled out for extermination? Why does he and the Prosperity Party he founded allow Oromo ethno-nationalists to “de-construct” an ancient country with a glorious and distinct past?

Teaching the current and coming generations of Ethiopians there is nothing wrong with the current situation in troubled Ethiopia and permitting destructive forces to undo a promising country is obscene and dumb.

The irony I find unconscionable is that the government thar manages the affairs of the Ethiopian state sponsors a summit of the African Union (AU), holds forums on Pan-Africanism while at the same time eviscerating (gutting) Ethiopianism—Adwa, EOTC, Ethiopian’s national flag and the rest.  Adwa is an outcome of a sophisticated case study in teamwork that occurred long before teamwork became fashionable at Harvard and Oxford.

If you ask any foreign researcher or scholar the cardinal question “Does ethnic federalism advance teamwork, enhance a common purpose and shared destiny, ensure lasting peace, stability, human security, territorial integrity and sovereignty in Ethiopia?” the answer is not at all. It does the exact opposite. This is the reason why ethnic federalism must be overhauled and a new constitution adopted.

I commend Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali for publishing his third book in five years. I know something about writing. Writing a book is not an easy task, especially when, at the same time, you are running the second most populous country in Africa, one with multiple problems. Is writing a book priority currently?  Maybe yes, maybe no. I look at it from the multitude of socioeconomic and political problems Ethiopian society is facing today.

I plan to diagnose and assess Ethiopia’s multitude of problems under the watch of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali and the Oromo dominated Prosperity Party in the coming weeks.

To conclude Part I, I suggest the following immediate action steps:

- The priority for Ethiopians who believe in Ethiopianism and the continuity of Ethiopia as a country is to demand immediate cessation of the bulldozing of homes, the de-construction of Addis Ababa and the banning of Amhara entry into the city inflicted by Oromo tribalists, the regional government of Oromia, the city administration of Addis Ababa, all dominated by the Oromo Prosperity Party and supported by the federal government. The international community, especially the government of the United States, members of the European and African Unions have a moral obligation to voice and to reject the systematic degradation of Ethiopian society and the ethnic cleansing of Amhara.


- Citizens of Addis Ababa can and must be bold, save themselves and their city from total decay and “irrelevance” by rejecting “deconstruction” of their city, by holding sustained and peaceful protests and sit-ins, by refusing to pay taxes and by refraining from purchasing of goods and services from profiteers who are committed to deepening tribalism and ethnic government tyranny. Ethiopia’s huge Diaspora must call for and support peaceful resistance. The Diaspora must and can leverage its enormous resources and demand immediate cessation of human degradation, abuses and atrocities.


- Ethiopian civil society organizations within the country and across the globe must write a petition urging the government of the United States and the US Congress to retract the US Department of State’s unfair, unjust, pro-TPLF and anti-Amhara verdict. The Diaspora must also hold vigils and protests.


- Targeted ethnic cleansing, killing, bulldozing of homes, arrests, and jailing, demeaning and dehumanization, massive displacement estimated at 2 million and growing, discrimination and marginalization and the like of Amhara over several decades by the TPLF, OLA/OLF and the Oromo Prosperity Party constitute most components of  genocide.

It is time for Ethiopians who care most about the matter to consolidate evidence and lodge formal legal complaints to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the International Criminal Court (ICC). Article 6 on genocide and Article 7 on crimes against humanity of the Rome Statute of the ICC provide underpin this recommendation.

Part II of IV will follow next week.

March 22,2023

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